Next Baby Fashion collections

Yesterday me and Andrew went into Next to wander around and get a coffee from Costa in there. I just couldn’t help but ‘aw’ over almost every single baby item of clothing in there! We decided that for now Daisy has enough clothes (probably a little too many) so we stepped slowly and difficulty (haha) away from Next and left with just a coffee and a fruit cooler. I’m proud of us! 

I thought I’d have a look on their website and share with you some of my favourite items or collections they have in there at the moment. Above is a little (big) wish list.

The colours in these collections are what really grab me and pull me in. They are all so different. The baby pastel pink and blues. Then the bright yellows with grey. Followed by soft browns! Ahhhh, how I wish to win the lottery or just unlimited Next vouchers! One day, one day! 

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